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Are we helping our medical personnel?

In the service of science -------------------------------- As a country we have focused on masks as the first line defense against the spread of corona viruses. Are we doing the right thing?

The diameter of the 2019 Corona Virus particle varied from about 60 to 140 nm according to an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine dated Feb 20, 2020. (

The N95 Masks are meant as protection as Tuberculosis bacterium which have a diameter of 400 nm to 1 micrometer. (Example 95% protection with a testing protocol that uses particles with an average size of 300 nm.

N100 masks have 99.7% protection and references the same particle size.

3400 medical personnel have been infected in China in the fight against the virus. (

We feel our medical personnel should be provided a positive pressure PPE. Image is courtesy of New England Journal of Medicine.

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